Name:   Hector Luis                                                                                                 


WuTang: An American Saga  (Season 1, Episode 4 on Hulu) 

(2019) RZA Productions, Minute Drill Productions & Imagine TelevisionStudios

The Perfect Murder Episode 310 "Curtain Call" (IDtv) 2016  -   Kaufman Films                  

Planet Comedy TV (BRIC), Host  2016-2017                          Broke Artistes LLC

Laffin' Matterz (MNN), Host    2016-present            Aktion J Entertainment 


Things our parents say about technology     (2014)           MTV Productions

Music Videos: Nas' "Nasir The Film"   (2018) Directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat


PIX11 New York Base ball Promo: "Two Teams one station"

                                                                                               (2018) Tribune Media                                                                       MLB Productions


Professor Hemlock's Mansion (off off Broadway)   Flix Maven Productions     "Benny 'The Brain' Manicotti"    

Internet Radio:

Planet Comedy Podcast (  2018      Planet Comedy LLC

Hector is an Actor & Comedian that has been in the NY Comedy scene for over a decade. Hector entertains audiences with his high-energy, engaging stage persona & unabashed honesty.

Hector can also be seen on Hulu's WuTang: An American Saga (Season 1 Episode 4) as well as episode 310 of The Perfect Murder on IDtv  & regularly on Laffin' Matterz  & Planet Comedy TV both on BRIC Arts Media & MNN

You can also hear Hector on the Rat Dog Radio Podcast.